About us

DEG Impulse is a subsidiary of DEG that promotes the social and environmental transformation of private sector enterprises in emerging markets.

Established in 2022

Approximately 40 employees

Wholly owned subsidiary of DEG

What do we offer to businesses?

  • Project and consulting solutions in the develoPPP and Business Support Services programmes
  • Information, advice and training on funding and financing opportunities from the Agency for Business and Economic Development
  • Initial advice and referrals, and awareness-raising on human rights due diligence through the Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights
  • Support for the transformation of companies in emerging market countries in collaboration with DEG

How do we work?


  • advice with skilled employees who have an entrepreneurial mindset and act as translators and facilitators, applying their expertise in the project cycle management and their global network of knowhow,
  • design appropriate development and consulting projects in partnership with the companies,
  • co-finance project realisation along with our clients' resources.

The people behind DEG Impulse

We work with you to shape transformation.

Miriam Amine

Senior Manager
M&E and develoPPP

Christian Voss

Senior Project Manager BSS
​Financial Institutions

Gina Kanhai

Project Manager BSS

Julia Stausberg-Umuerri

Senior Manager develoPPP Ventures

David Pyka

Environment & Climate CSR consultant, Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights

Daniel Alex

Senior Manager develoPPP

Barbara Suchanek-Oladeji

Senior Manager FinCon

David Arndt

Project Manager BSS

Our impact in numbers

develoPPP Classic and Ventures

The funding projects we concluded in 2023 via the develoPPP programs led to ...


an improvement in working conditions for almost 30,000 people.


creation of over 4,100 new jobs.


an increase in income of at least 10% for around 29,100 people.

29 million

litres of water saved or treated.


skills acquisition for almost 35,000 people through training courses.

8700 t

of CO2 saved.

Our impact in numbers

Business Support Services

BSS contributes to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of DEG financing projects. Our BSS projects made a contribution to the following changes in 2023 in particular:


climate transformation


environmental and social aspects


sustainable growth and profitability

Our programmes

Find out more about the promotional programmes we offer for established companies and start-ups.